Our vision and history

One of the best reasons to build a new home today is the chance to create a space that fits completely with your way of life. The Point Zero home brand focuses on helping you live more comfortably, in a healthy home that uses less energy. It is a simple concept that we feel passionate about.


Point Zero Homes is a new venture by PFB Custom Homes Group, which has been designing, manufacturing and building award-winning wood homes for over 30 years.


With the introduction of the Point Zero brand we add a contemporary line of homes to our established family. While the style may be different, our approach to building remains the same:

  1. Create appealing designs that not only look great, but flow and function well.
  2. Provide services that meet the changing needs of our clients, in order to facilitate a better building experience.
  3. Utilize the best and most innovative building solutions to create superior structures and living environments.



Architecture is the relationship between art and layout. We want to create a design you love while contemplating interior movement, light and use of space.


We want you to feel at ease living in your home, from consistent temperatures to the convenience of integrated technology.


We want our homes to become part of a community that can thrive for years to come. That means a building envelope that will endure and protect its inhabitants for generations.



Our parent company, PFB Corp. has committed over 45 years to Better Building Ideas™ - which contribute directly to more efficient homes. Divisions include Insulspan SIPs, Advantage ICFs and PFB Custom Homes Group.


PFB Custom Homes Group includes the Riverbend and PrecisionCraft home brands which have decades of experience working with clients to create unique homes. This dedication to extraordinary homes resulted in the formation of our own in-house design firm in 2007. Over the last decade we have produced many award-winning homes while helping our clients to achieve a higher level of energy efficiency.


The entire PFB family is committed to the concept of sustainability, from the operation of our manufacturing facilities to the performance of our homes. Learn more about PFB's dedication to sustainability.

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