Building System

About 40% of the energy pulled from the grid is used to heat and cool residential homes. The first step toward saving that energy is to build homes with a tighter envelope. The Point Zero building system was designed to create an enduring energy envelope using the least amount of waste. From foundation to finish.

ICF Basement
ICF form pour


The shell of your energy efficient home begins with the foundation, or basement level. Crawl spaces, which often include ductwork, can be prime sources for lost energy if they are not insulated well. Traditionally, basements have been dramatically different temperatures than the rest of the house. This is because they were not insulated properly.

SIP Panels arrive
SIP Wall Installation


Just because homes have been built the same way, with 2x6 studs and "pink" insulation, doesn't mean it is the most efficient way to construct a home. The best performing wall systems reduce thermal barriers with a more continuous and tight insulating solution.

SIP Roof panel install
SIP Roof Install


As we all know, heat naturally rises. Without a well insulated roof, a large amount of energy can be lost due to simple scientific principles. Therefore it is important that your roof is just as efficient, or more, than the rest of your structure.

Energy Efficient Windows
Energy Efficient Doors

Doors & windows

The most efficient homes can fail if the windows and doors are not equally efficient. Point Zero homes utilize windows and doors that accentuate the architectural design while matching the needs of each elevation of the home.

Mechanical room
Mechanical System

(mep) Mechanical & Plumbing

The modern energy efficient home is designed to retain energy and limit air leaks. When you achieve this level of efficiency, you need a mechanical system that can exchange fresh, conditioned, air. This keeps harmful pollutants from building up and excess moisture from accumulating.

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