Design is a central focus of Point Zero. Not only do we strive to create unique and attractive designs, but we place a great deal of emphasis on layouts that flow well. On the technical side, we recognize how many opportunities there are during the design phase for your home to achieve better performance later on.

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custom architectural services

From the orientation of the sun and the placement of mechanical rooms, to the flow of the layout and exterior elevations - Point Zero homes are designed to perform better and make a lasting impression.

Ventura Elevation
Ventura Alterations

Designed to your budget

An important aspect of our design process is to design with your budget in mind. The M.T.N design team understands the specific costs associated with our building system and how alterations to your layout will affect the cost to build.

Ventura Sun & Shadow Patterns
Sun Awning for Shade

energy efficient design

While the building system creates a tight envelope that will help reduce energy bills, the initial design of a home offers a number of options for gaining an even higher level of efficiency, than the system does alone.

Ventura Rendering

floor plan concepts

While we can design your home from scratch we realize that floor plans are a great way to help you visualize. So our award-winning design group has created a conceptual floor plan gallery. These plans include a variety of layouts and exterior elevations to get you started.

We will continue adding to this floor plan library and make announcement via social media and emails. If you would like to be notified, click the sign-up button below or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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