Getting started

Ready to start building? Each Point Zero client is guided through the process below. From design through move-in we manage your project goals, vision and budget parameters each step of the way.


Custom Design - Our in-house team of architectural designers are trained to create sustainable and energy efficient homes. This group of award-winning creatives know how to work with clients to create layouts and aesthetics that match each of your unique goals.

Floor Plans - We have created a variety of floor plan concepts that can inspire your own home. If you don't see something in our gallery that works, we can start from scratch.

DDA - We want you to feel confident in the design of your Point Zero home, before you agree to build. We call our first stage the Design & Development Agreement, or DDA. For just $1.75 / sq.ft. we will create your conceptual plan, including: renderings, elevations, and complete floor plans.

Conceptual Design


Matching a Builder - In some cases a Point Zero project manager will act as the GC for your project, but in most cases we will use our “Builder Match” process to find and vet a quality builder who can take your home from the shell to finished home.

Manufacturing of Materials - We will manufacture the main shell of your home in preparation for construction. Our building system ensures faster construction times and less waste.



Installation of Envelope - The envelope of your home (foundation, walls, roof) is the most important element in your high performance home. This is why we send a professional Point Zero crew to install the shell of your home.

Finishes & Landscaping - Once the shell is complete, your builder will finish the construction of your home, including things like flooring and landscaping.



HERS Rating - It is important to us that you see proof of the efficiency of your home and we believe that performing a HERS rating is one of the best methods. It includes a blower door test to validate the tightness of your envelope and a final rating that can be used to measure the overall success of the project.

Other Certifications - Other certifications are also possible. For instance, an Energy Star rating is usually simple to obtain since most of the qualifications for an Energy Star home are covered by a good HERS rating - you just need another set of paperwork. Please note that more intensive programs, like LEED, may require an additional fee.


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