Healthy Living

If you are like most families, you spend a good deal of time inside your home - sleeping, cooking, watching movies, etc. Today we know that it is possible to create a more healthy environment if we choose to build the right way. Point Zero is dedicated to building healthier homes for our clients.


natural light

Studies have shown the benefits of natural light on our mental health. Point Zero's design team contemplates the role of natural light within each of our homes. The goal is to maximize natural light, while minimizing heat gain.

Mold Prevention

Point Zero keeps potential mold from forming in your home by designing a plan that expunges exterior water away from the foundation and specifing a mechanical system to filter interior moisture.

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building system

low vocs

SIPs and ICFs do not contain any VOCs or other harmful chemicals that can affect occupant health. The components used to make SIPs (EPS foam, OSB, and adhesive) meet some of the most stringent standards for indoor air quality.

Radon Guard

Point Zero utilizes Radon Guardâ„¢ insulation, to protect our homes from this harmful gas. It is a patent-pending sub-slab depressurization panel that allows for soil gas removal while it insulates your foundation or basement level.

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Smart Technology

Clean air Monitoring

Due to the tightness of the Point Zero envelope, most of the air inside your home will be exchanged with clean outside air via your mechanical system. You can actively monitor the quality of our air with smart home technology.

Moisture control

Your mechanical system is in charge of controlling the moisture that comes from actions like showers, cooking and laundry. Using a smart home system to help regulate and monitor your mechanical system gives you peace of mind that the moisture is in check.

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