While it may be hard to quantify the value of a comfortable home, you certainly know it when you feel it. From pleasant indoor climates to amazing livable spaces, comfort is a priority for Point Zero. By putting your comfort at the forefront, we can ensure that your home will continue to be a haven for your family.


layouts that flow well

Getting from one room to another, placement of bathrooms and closets, the shape of your kitchen and the entryway to your home are just a few of the important elements we contemplate while creating an environment that works for the way you live.

a direct connection to outdoors

Point Zero homes not only incorporate outdoor living areas, but use creative ways to access those spaces. In addition, we pay close attention to the sizing and positioning of windows that can bring in more natural light and take advantage of views.

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building system

Consistent temperatures

Point Zero homes are able to create more consistent and comfortable indoor temperatures because our building system reduces energy loss via both air leakage (convection) and energy transfer through the outer shell (conduction).

Lower maintenance

Most people would like to be enjoying their weekend, rather than performing maintenance on their homes. We review all the exterior materials that we spec into your home to find a level of maintenance you feel comfortable with.

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Smart Technology

Making it easier

Control your lights, entertainment system and security all through smart home technology. There are even appliances that can be controlled remotely so you can warm up your oven for the "take and bake pizza" you just bought. Let us know your goals and we can help you find the best solutions for your home.


Don't discount the well-being that can be achieved by knowing that your security system is working, even when you are miles away from home. There are a number of smart home security solutions that can give you that ability, and we can incorporate them into your home if requested.

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