We all lead busy lives, so the simple act of coming home should be a welcome relief. This is one of the reasons a Point Zero home is designed to perform at a higher level than conventional homes. By being more efficient, your home can reduce energy use, the need for maintenance, waste and your overall stress.


Efficiency starts with Design

The design of an energy efficient home requires thoughtful contemplation of sun patterns, climate, mechanical system needs, and air flow. Each Point Zero home is optimized for its location.

Good Use of Space

Every square foot you add to your layout adds additional dollars to your budget. That is why we focus on designs that utilize space efficiently. Our designs help you to live larger within a smaller footprint.

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A more efficient envelope

The Point Zero building system incorporates a foundation, walls, roof, doors and windows that all work together to create a tight envelope with exceptional energy efficient values. The system is capable of getting you to net zero ready.

Less Waste / Speed of Construction

Most of the materials for your Point Zero building shell are manufactured specifically for your project, prior to arriving on your property. Therefore, the construction of your home is faster and there is far less waste during manufacturing and at the job site.

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Smart Technology

Easy Control of Environments

A high performance home requires systems that can manage air, heat, and moisture correctly. Smart technologies take all of the guess work out and make it easy for you to efficiently manage your systems.

optimal Performance

When your mechanical systems are regularly monitored, you can ensure that they are running at peak performance. Over time this reduces your cost to run and maintain them.

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